Welcome to the Jasper Junior Olympics! 

The largest sanctioned alpine race of it's kind in North America!

To My JJO Friends and Family,

Thank you all for making the trip to come and see us! JJO 2020 was an unmitigated success thanks to all of our wonderful volunteer efforts, amazing coaches, parents willingness to put in the time/expenses and all of our north zone athletes. I wanted to take a minute to recognise the clubs that helped make this NORTH ZONE collective event happen. I very much appreciate the additional efforts and recognise that all of us involved have racers that need tending to and watching. Your sacrifices to the sport so that the rest of us can have these awesome events does not go unnoticed. We had a total number of 319 volunteer shifts to fill over the three days and a total of 404 athletes to get down the 3 race tracks. 


See you all next year!!



Race Chairman



**On a side note: It has come to our attention that some folks believe that the JJO is a Rabbit Hill affiliated race. ALL proceeds from the JJO have gone back to the NZ equipment pool to date. Through our efforts we have purchased a full NZ timing system, replaced B-netting and made a massive financial contribution to the wiring project of Marmot Basin last summer.


2020 Jasper Junior Olympics


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Thank you to our Sponsors

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