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From the Archives

Jasper Junior Olympics & Marmot Basin
JJO Medals through the Years
Skiing Magazine 1981 & 1982

​Skiing Magazine published a Guide to the Top 100 Resorts at the start of the ski season. In 1981 & 1982 Jasper Junior Olympics was a recognized event held at Marmot Basin for the upcoming season.  

Click on the Magazine cover to view article. (And if you do check out the ski ads!!)

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The Year is snowed & snowed...

Remember that year when it snowed 70 cm of snow over three days during the 2013 JJO's? We had to move the Dream Team race to lower because to too much snow and we spent all of Friday slipping and slipping and slipping! 


Article written by Frontier Travel

The Story of Marmot Basin

Marmot Basin has been home to the Jasper Junior Olympics for decades, it's great learning the history of our mountain we love so much, enjoy a little Marmot history.

Photo Courtesy of SkiMarmot.com

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