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What do the words Legacy and History mean to an event like Jasper Junior Olympics (JJO)? What experiences do our young athletes take away from participating in one of the largest Nancy Greene ski races in the world? What does it mean to be JJO alumni? How did a bear learn to ski so well?… These questions have driven our illustrious event for 40 years now. That’s right folks…40 YEARS OF AWESOME!!! Every year over 400 alpine ski racers converge at Marmot Basin in Jasper to take part in this exciting 2-day event!  Day one sees racers between 4-11 yrs compete individually on 3 different courses over 2 runs for a coveted JJO Bell.  Whereas on day 2, our racers have the opportunity to run a fully timed multi-disciplinary obstacle race, complete with spines, pro jumps, rollers and a mix of GS/SL gates. 

2019 marks the cumulation of 40 years of north zone race clubs collective excellence. As such we are planning a Jasper Junior Olympics to match the scale of such grandeur. The ROC is pulling out the stops, calling in the favours, polishing up our six shooters and dusting off the bells. That’s right folks, 2019 will be a year like none other….

In the past the amazing ROC’s of JJO’s have incorporated features into this race such as, and organized volunteer lunch and BBQ for the over 200 volunteers, yearly charitable donations to our Jasper-based friends at the Find The Common Thread Foundation, prizes galore, and in 2019 for the first time a full lights and sound ski dance party!  These things along with our cherished partnerships with Marmot Basin and the Town of Jasper ensure the continued success our one of kind event.  

I formally invite you to the 40th Anniversary of the Jasper Junior Olympics. Come Join me, half a thousand amped up alpine racers, 2500 family members from the tightest-knit community in the world, a couple of hundred volunteers, three amigos and a wily bear, for the best three day weekend on snow. 

Humbly and excitedly yours, 

The Chairman – Cory Brightwell 

JJO Medals through the Years
Skiing Magazine 1981 & 1982

​Skiing Magazine published a Guide to the Top 100 Resorts at the start of the ski season. In 1981 & 1982 Jasper Junior Olympics was a recognized event held at Marmot Basin for the upcoming season.  

Click on the Magazine cover to view article. (And if you do check out the ski ads!!)

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The Year is snowed & snowed...

Remember that year when it snowed 70 cm of snow over three days during the 2013 JJO's? We had to move the Dream Team race to lower because to too much snow and we spent all of Friday slipping and slipping and slipping! 


Article written by Frontier Travel

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The Story of Marmot Basin

Marmot Basin has been home to the Jasper Junior Olympics for decades, it's great learning the history of our mountain we love so much, enjoy a little Marmot history.

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