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UPDATED - JJO Parking Lot Plan 2024

The goal is to maximize space for all attendees, racer families and public.

Marmot would like us to only use parking lot P4.

They have made an extra area in P4 on the downhill ski run side immediately adjacent to the parking lots for team tents. This area is identified by yellow in the picture to the right..

If you use fire pits or bbq's in the parking lots outside of this designated area please do not  impede the flow of traffic.

Likely some of these items can go off the tailgate of your vehicle.


The weather looks like it will be nice so tents may not be as required.


Chalet is open to all, but you can not leave your gear on tables to hold them and outside food is only allowed in the lower section of the mid chalet.


If you have any questions on this please reach out to me.


All clubs will be in P4 with the exception of Jasper in P1. 

You must ensure access to the parking lots from the ski run is kept clear. 

There will not be any large trailer style BBQ's allowed and each club must designate a rep to be responsible for the team tents, bbq and clean up of the area.

Tents can not stay up overnight.​

P1 –  Jasper

P2  and P3 – will not be used by racers if possible.

P4 – Sunridge, ESC, CADS, Red Deer, Parkland, Fort McMurray

P4 – Admin/equipment, Cold Lake, Rabbit Hill, Snow Valley, NAST

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