JJO Parking Lot Plan 2022

The goal is to keep racer gatherings out of the chalets and minimize the impacted area of our extra space(tents/bbq/lawn chair…), while still getting our racers and teams shelter and space.

Teams can set up to 4 - 10x10 event tents for shelter. If setting up more than 1 tent they must all be set up tight together. These areas are to gather athletes and hand out race bibs, discuss the event and ensure protocols and schedule is understood, etc.

Each club will be allowed to set up in the parking lots designated below, as we will not fit all in one parking lot. Vehicles can be parked as normal with no restrictions.

You must ensure access to the parking lots from the ski run is kept clear. Racer skis and gear need to be set out of the way in the designated area on the map in RED.

There will not be any large trailer style BBQ's allowed and each club must designate a rep to be responsible for the team tents, bbq and clean up of the area.

Tents can not stay up overnight.

  • YELLOW highlight is area allowed for tents, Admin trailer, Equipment trailer.

  • RED Highlight is the designated ski parking area to ensure access to the parking lot from the ski run is clear.

  • No more than a 20x20 area for tents or about 3 parking spaces per club.

P1 – Admin/equipment – Cold Lake, Rabbit Hill, Jasper

P2 – will not be used for racer team tents.

P3 – Sunridge, ESC, CADS, Valley, Red Deer

P4 – Fort McMurray, Snow Valley, NAST